Niniette 66 yacht by BUGATTI comes with a jacuzzi and fire pit

Before I head on to say anything about the Bugatti super yacht, let me mention that the price go for $2.2 million. Bugatti has a super fast car, the Chiron (a masterpiece in design and luxury) which goes for $2.6 million. Can I say that's like a compliment for the Bugatti superyacht but just in a rich mans world.


Three years earlier, Bugatti had announced that it would be producing series of three luxe boats and the series would be named 'Niniette', a nickname of Lidia Bugatti, daughter of founder of Bugatti Mr Ettore. All the series of the luxe yacht are covered with titanium and carbon fibre, accented by Bugatti's trademark blue.

First in the series is the Niniette 66 with a length range of 50 to 80 feet. The Niniette retains many of Bugatti's signature engineering traits; the accentuated center line, symmetry, and a sweeping signature curve. Though not exactly a speed demon, even with the ability to reach a top speed of 44 knots (50 mph), but the real deal with this yacht was its absurd number of ultra-luxury accessories.


The spacious deck is tricked out in leather and blue morta oak, also known as bog-wood which is known for its ability to remain free of decay for thousands of years. The lower deck as a sun pad, a champagne bar, and a freaking Jacuzzi and a fire pit in it. This should definitely make a rich man pull out his money for such a luxury.

By Danson Bassey

Will Uvoh


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