Nissan set to roll out its autonomous cars in 2020

    At the just concluded CES, Nissan for the first time is putting a time frame on its plans to bring autonomous cars to market commercially while unveiling a new system designed to enhance the technology.


    President and CEO of Nissan, Carlos Ghosn revealed a partnership with Japanese internet firm DeNa to begin trailing autonomous driving in Japan this year before committing to rolling out the technology commercially in 2020 in areas of Tokyo. Also inclusive in the deal is trials and development in ride hailing.

    The presentation focused sorely on Nissan's ambitions to develop autonomous driving, development in connected cars and mobility solutions and drawing on its partnership with Microsoft to deliver voice assist and artificial intelligence through cortana to its vehicles.

    The company also unveiled a human learning system called SAM (Seamless Autonomous Mobility), developed in collaboration with NASA that helps autonomous cars navigate through obstacles and challenges which may likely arise in the real world.

    The company also tipped into the area of making electric cars that are Eco friendly.
    "2016 was the tipping point for electric vehicles, our rivals made a commitment to electric vehicles and its about time. We started out journey in 2010, now they're trying to catch up. They have a long way to go". These were the words of Takao Asamai, Research and Development department in Nissan.

    By Danson Bassey

    Will Uvoh


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