Could this be the greenest electric car yet?

    This is the electric car for green energy lover, the 2018 Ford Focus Electric, made available in a new color; 'outrageous green metallic', so everything is green. It may be the greenest EV on the market.


    It's actually the color "greenery" that Pantone named as its 2017 Color of the Year and, of course, it's green for St. Patrick's Day. Here are the important, technical details for greenery in a variety of formats:
    -Pantone - 15-0343
    -HTML HEX - 88B04B
    -RGB - sR 136, sG 176, sB 75
    -CMYK - C51, M 9, Y88, K0

    The Ford Focus electric has a 33.5 kWh battery pack and an EPA-estimated range of 115 miles, putting it in a similar ballpark with cars like the Nissan Leaf, with a starting price of $29,120 before federal and state tax credits.

    "Outrageous Green Metallic is a unique shade, symbolizing modern renewal and a reconnection with nature, then finished with a special tinted clear coat to give the color depth and vibrancy," said Barb Whalen, Ford's color and materials design manager.

    Ford's research shows that between 35 and 40 percent of car buyers will choose not to buy a vehicle from a certain brand if they can't get their preferred color. It's part of the reason why high-end brands like Rolls-Royce allow customers to choose their own colors from a nearly endless palette.

    By Danson Bassey

    Will Uvoh


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