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The latest Nokia 3310 hit the market yesterday, retailing for about £50. 

Photography has evolved rapidly in recent times. From the sudden invoke of Selfies, to selfie sticks for more comfort and now there are lots of exciting advancement that offers many more ways to easily capture everything around you.

Yesterday Alcatel launched its Flash phone that has four cameras - dual rear facing cameras and dual front facing cameras.

Microsoft is experimenting on 'Sprinkles', an iOS camera app for its iPhone which was released on April fools. The app is exclusively available on the iOS App Store and its made with the function of automatically adding stickers, captions to paragraphs or emojis to your photos.

Blackberry is looking at expanding its gadgets base from just phones to other BlackBerry-branded gadgets. Though BlackBerry doesn't release much of its own hardware anymore, the name still appears on new smartphones, and recently, its licensing practice will apply outside of mobile devices.

The next generation of RAM is teased to be the fastest of its kind, the DDR5. It will double the speed of the current RAM, DDR4, when it is relesed. The organization in charge of computer memory standards JEDEC, made this information known as was first noted by Ars Technica.

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