Coming in 2018! The next generation DDR5 RAM with double speed

    The next generation of RAM is teased to be the fastest of its kind, the DDR5. It will double the speed of the current RAM, DDR4, when it is relesed. The organization in charge of computer memory standards JEDEC, made this information known as was first noted by Ars Technica.


    DDR4 has been the regular RAM standard speed for some years now and was first introduced in 2012 but didn't really come out in numbers until 2015 as the processors and SoCs had to be updated to support it.

    Well according to JEDEC, the DDR5 standard will be finalized in 2018 and will 'double the bandwidth and density over the DDR4' also coming with greater efficiency, but unlike the DDR4, let's just hope the DDR5 won't take so much time before we can get to start using it.

    By Danson Bassey

    Will Uvoh


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