Could It be March 20? HTC 11 release date!

HTC 11 would be the next flagship from the Mobile smartphone producers as the group might just announce its release next week. The HTC 11 will take the place of the 2016 flagship, the HTC 10.


The HTC Taiwan Facebook page showed off images of the Mobile device also teasing an announcement for 20th of this month
The caption next to the image points to March 20th as the day when "HTC will give you an unexpected surprise," which will be most likely be the new flagship smartphone.

The HTC 10 was announced almost a year ago in April 2016 , so the timing is about right for the company to unveil its new phone, considering the fact that Samsung has been dominating for the past few weeks now despite its decision not to bring the Galaxy S8 to MWC this year. If HTC wants to make an impact before Samsung steals the spotlight for good, sooner is definitely better than later. On the other hand, as TechRadar notes, there's always the chance that this surprise is unrelated to the HTC 11 and instead will center around a new VR headset.

By Danson Bassey

Will Uvoh


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