Microsoft launches 'sprinkles'__a better way to caption selfies using a machine

    Microsoft is experimenting on 'Sprinkles', an iOS camera app for its iPhone which was released on April fools. The app is exclusively available on the iOS App Store and its made with the function of automatically adding stickers, captions to paragraphs or emojis to your photos.


    The machine learning developed by Microsoft is fully put in use to generate captions, match your age or celebrity lookalikes as suggested filters for a photo. Previously however, Microsoft had tried guessing peoples age, the difference this time is, it is integrating this machine learning directly into a camera app for its iPhone.

    Sprinkles is made available free of charge in the Apple App Store for those interested as Microsoft is looking at testing its machine learning tool with the aim of getting data which will help improve them.

    Sprinkles suggests captions or stickers based on the day a photo was taken and the whereabouts of the person taking the pics. Several number of suggestions are generated in the app and you just swipe, like Snapchat filters, to enable them, or you can add your custom text and emojis. I think app is made for those who like sharing photos on platforms like Snapchat.

    By Danson Bassey

    Will Uvoh


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