Picture Taking Evolution- Selfie Sticks just a stepping stone

    Photography has evolved rapidly in recent times. From the sudden invoke of Selfies, to selfie sticks for more comfort and now there are lots of exciting advancement that offers many more ways to easily capture everything around you.


    Below are 5 camera accessories that could make your day to day images look uncommonly amazing

    GoPro Karma Grip


    The Karma Grip features a handle, few controls, and a battery-powered arm that holds a GoPro Hero5 Black camera in place and counters every tilt, roll, and bump; news.com.au likens it to a Steadicam on a stick. It spins around automatically for super low-angle shots and both the camera and the Grip can be charged at once with a single USB-C cord conveniently.

    The bad news is- 'It's not water-resistant' so you need to carry out a risk assessment before use. If you are serious about creating a 'talk of the town' video with a tiny camera, you'll definitely appreciate this GoPro's new creation.

    Cygnett GoStick Bluetooth Selfie Stick and Tripod


    It comes in a detachable remote control as well as a detachable tripod at the base which makes you use it like a monopod and makes your camera more secure. It is definitely an upgrade of the usual selfie stick.

    You can use the stick without the tripod, use the tripod without the stick, or use the stick on top of any other tripod. An amazing versatile design isn't it? It is definitely worth having.

    Samsung New Gear 360

    The New Gear 360 is an upgrade of the first. It is built in a new way which allows it stand up by itself. It also offers an easy way to grip the camera, and many more options for capturing photos, video and streaming.

    Its two wide-angle cameras are capable of capturing 4K video and, when connected to a smartphone, can live-stream 2K video to YouTube or Facebook. As revealed by News.com.au, those cameras also feature a resolution of 8.4 megapixels for still photos, which combine for a 360-degree view, and the accompanying app gives you new ways to crop and share images. Although this camera is not as refined as the Nikon KeyMission 360 but it's significantly easier to use.

    DJI Osmo Mobile Gimbal

    It works with Google Android and Apple iOS apps and comes with an ActiveTrack mode so a person or object always stays centred in the frame. Using it will make your video shoots steadier.

    IK Multimedia iKlip Grip Pro

    It comes with a detachable Bluetooth remote control so you can activate the camera at a distance for family shots. The mount quickly secures your smartphone even if it is in a case. The handle acts as a secure grip when you're using it as a selfie stick, a hand grip when shooting video, and can also be converted to a tripod. It is definitely something to be carried daily.



    Written by Will Uvoh
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