The Famous Nokia 3310 Hits the Market in Style

The latest Nokia 3310 hit the market yesterday, retailing for about £50. 


This updated version as previously revealed by Newstac has an amazing battery lifeline that lasts for over a month on stand-by mode, compared to the 11days long the original version could stay.

Included in it is a 2 megapixels camera and a microSD card slot. Although it has a 2.5G connectivity which makes it ineligible for WIFI connectivity, its legendary snake game would definitely serve as one of the means to lure more people to buying it.

Oh! How I miss the classic snake game. This new version added more color and excitement.

You can pick up yours from any high street retailer such as Vodafone and Carphone warehouse if you are in the UK, but don't be surprised that it's already sold out in some stores.  It would definitely be hitting other markets sooner than you think.

Note that in February, when the new model was first unveiled, HMD global which owns the Nokia brand said that the revamped Nokia would be aimed at those looking for a second or so-called "burner" phone to  make calls and send texts; Well! Here it is. Other works


Written by Will Uvoh

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