Meet Officer Capable- Dubai's First Robot Police Officer

People will be able to use it to report crimes, pay fines, and get information by tapping the touch screen on its chest, the BBC reveals.


Officer Capable's task is to patrol the city's Mall and tourist attractions as the government aims at a 25% increase in Robotic officers by the year 2030.

According to the director general of the smart services of Dubai ,Brig Khalid Al Razooqi, the robots are not going to replace human Officers but rather, data's collected from the robot would be shared with the transport and traffic authorities. " With the number of people in Dubai increasing, we want to relocate police officers so they work in the right areas and can concentrate on providing a safe city."

"Most people visit police stations or customer service, but with this tool we can reach the public 24/7.
"It can protect people from crime because it can broadcast what is happening right away to our command and control centre," Khalid said.

Although the Robot can communicate in only Arabic and English for now, Russian, Chinese, French, and Spanish would be added soon.

The name Officer Capable was given to it by Newstac as the Officer is yet to be named. Please feel free to drop comments on suggested names for the new Officer in town. Others 




Written by Will Uvoh
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